Memory Care

Changing Seasons has an effective method  & expertise dealing with the effects of dementia, and providing the highest quality of personal care and sincere compassion, Changing Seasons provides the very best possible care in a safe, loving environment for your loved one.

Changing Seasons Personalized Individual Care

Changing Seasons has built into the foundations of its memory care facilities our philosophy of a loving home environment, with a keen detail for complete safety, and compassionate dignity for the individual's dignity and respect, as well as the understanding and conviction of the distinctive personalities each our guests. That's why Changing Seasons Memory Care residences are unique, and "miles ahead" of any other facility. Changing Seasons professional, compassionate caregivers are trained in our philosophy of  safety, respect, compassion, and dignity towards our guests. We strive to make each Changing Seasons resident feel that they are home, and we are the trusted guests in their home.  Changing Seasons administrative offices located at each facility employ an open-door policy making any of the staff offices and care-giving professionals as accessible to any of the residents as any other living area of their home, this we feel, helps to solidify the bonds of trust and creates the atmosphere and warmth of a loving home environment.


Changing Seasons Memory Care Facility

and Community

What makes Changing Seasons Memory  Care resident's living accommodations unique from most is the inspired color scheme, and decor of each room, corridor, and community areas of the residence. Designed with the residents Memory Care needs in mind, the distinctive color palettes and themes are specifically selected to instill  comfort and familiarity, which inspires our residents to feel the tranquility and safety of home.


Changing Seasons facilities are build from the ground up. Each is designed to allow a profusion of natural light, fresh air, and cavernous spaces, this design creates a bright, cheery atmosphere which is specifically beneficial to those unique requirements of our memory care residents.


Changing Seasons dining areas are designed with a cozy, home-like feel to encourage social engagement with the community of residents. We also encouraged families to join their loved one for intimate dining  any time, and enjoy a complimentary home-cooked meal. We believe that mealtimes  are family times, and should not only nourish the body with food, they should nourish the soul with love as well.


Changing Seasons 24/7 DEMENTIA CARE

Changing Seasons facilities provides your loved one the 24 hours a day/7 days a week dementia care they require. Changing Seasons staff members are fully and professionally trained and updated in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Our compassionate professionals not only understand the nature of dementia, they are exceptionally skilled in how to compassionately care for those living with the effects of these diseases.

From the initial assessment of the resident and their families needs, to welcoming the loved one into the Changing Seasons community, our dementia care nurses are there to supervise and facilitate a smooth transition process.


We Really Do Care...

Changing Seasons family of professional caregivers understands that communicating with the loved one's family is key as they deal with this sometimes challenging transition. Changing Seasons nurses are not only dedicated to the unique care for our residents, this devotion of compassion and caring is extended to the resident's families as well, offering insights on what lyes ahead as your loved one progresses through the journey of their affliction.


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